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Wheat free is the way to be! (I think...)

Hi there. I'm new. :) I've been reading a lot about allergies lately. I've known for a long time that I am lactose intolerant, but even when I cut dairy, I would still get sick after eating especially if I had a sandwich or pasta. The thought of bread just makes me feel disgusting. My husband thought it was so silly, but lately I decided to read up on it - and hey! It sounds like a wheat allergy (as other gluten products don't really affect me). I know I can't know for sure before I see a doctor and get tested, but as I'm not sure my HMO will cover allergy testing, it'll just have to wait.

In the mean time, I've decided to pursue a wheat free diet. I ate my first wheat free (and dairy free) pizza this evening and it was the first time that I can remember where I did not get painfully ill after eating pizza. It feels AMAZING and it was so good.

So yeah, here I am. I look forward to the insight and discussions about living wheat free. Even if this doesn't turn out to be what is making me sick, it still is something that's good for me to cut back on. :)

Happy to be here!
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